Pred2 Wifiabk

AES PRED2 WIFI ABK architectural model WIFI intercom kit with keypad

Product Code: PRED2-WIFI-ABK

One button Wi-fi/3G Video Entry kit with keypad and 2 way speech

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This Wi-Fi door entry kit allows you see and speak to your visitors through your mobile device (for both Android and Apple) using the 2 ways speech function. To set up, connect the entrance panel to your wireless router over Wi-Fi using the app (WiFi Predator 2) available from your app store.

The keypad can be used as access control simply by inputting the pre-programmed code into the keypad. This removes the need for keys and the code can be given to visitors to allow them to enter without having to let them in.

The wi-fi intercom has 2 relay outputs and the keypad has 3 relays, which can be used to activate 2 door lock releases, gate motors or lighting, once a users code has been entered on the keypad.

Video calls made on Wi-Fi are free; however, once you're away from your wireless coverage, video calls from the panel will be sent to your mobile device using your 3G data connection, which might be chargeable.

The entrance panel comes with a directional antenna with a range of up to 150 metres. For optimal performance, keep your wireless router in clear view.


  • Connect up to 4 devices
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices
  • Can work with most standard outdoor repeaters for extended working range
  • AmazonTM Cloud P2P Servers hosted in multiple countries for the fastest connection
  • Full 2 Way Duplex and half Duplex sound options
  • Upgraded camera, with IR cut fliter for better colour by day and IR night vision by night
  • 2 x relays for pedestrian gate and car gate
  • GoogleTM PUSH alerts on Apple and Android devices with Icon based layout