Case Study 1

A farmhouse located in Yorkshire on a busy road

Case Study 1

Brief description of background to the job

This was a farmhouse which was located in Yorkshire on a busy road.
The house has recently been renovated and the garden fully landscaped. The bespoke gates were brand new and were the finishing touch to the renovation project.
My job was to fit the gate automation and access control equipment.

Customer objectives

The customer wanted to provide safety and security for their house. They wanted automation that was both convenient to use, easy to operate and effective. They were clear that the gates needed to be reliable with minimal maintenance required.
The finished look of the gate and any automation products needed to fit with the rest of the garden which was modern and contemporary.

Although this was a late addition to their renovation project, they didn’t want to have too much disruption to the garden and the drive while gates were fitted. As you would expect, they wanted value for money.

Gate type

The gate design was a wrought iron 2 leaf swing gate of about 2 metres per leaf. The pillars stone with steel post inside and a standard size 600m x 600m, 1500m high.
We chose to use a Nice LFAB 24v high speed underground kit (L-FABKIT2) which is suitable for gates up to 4m per leaf. It is great for intensive use and quick manoeuvres. I have installed this kit countless times and have never had any issues with it. I have found it to be very reliable and often recommend it to my customers.
We chose a 24v kit above a 230v kit because for health and safety purposes and compliance to health and safety regulations. The 24v system has more features than 230v and it is possible to alter the power and speed of the gate.
We also installed the Videx GSM intercom with a keypad. This is a great option as no wiring is required for installation. The benefits of the GSM intercoms are that the customer can answer the gate when they are away from the house and they can also dial it to open the gate.

Rolling Center

One of the reasons that I keep dealing with Rolling Center is that they have a large range of products and they provide outstanding technical support. I think that they have a thorough understanding of their products. I didn’t need any technical support with the electric gate kit, the GSM dialler, intercom and other products as I have fitted them many times but Phil (General Manager and head of technical) is extremely knowledgeable about all of the products and is always happy to help.
Another reason is that hold good stock levels of a wide range of products including the gate hardware, gate automation and intercoms that I fit regularly so I don’t have to plan too far in advance and can rely on them to have the products in stock.

Obviously price is a key factor when I choose where I’m buying from and I can’t buy cheaper from anywhere else. I can pass these great prices on to the customer.
The end result was that the customer was really happy when it was all installed.

13 February 2018